Urgensi Unsur Agama Dalam Perkembangan Kecerdasan Buatan

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Naila Aqilah Gustamal
Ramiza Rifqa Adystira
Delliya Salsabila Putri
Dezar Asya Shafira


The development of science and technology that is increasingly sophisticated leads to advances in computer systems to become intelligent so that it leads to independence in the system. Literature study is used in developing this journal by relying on the ability to dig up information through various journals, books, and articles related to the discussion raised. The results found are that there is continuity between religious teachings and AI as long as there is no deviation from what is produced from the exposure of AI. The development of AI must also be addressed wisely because the development of technology in the form of AI can increase the efficiency of learning Christian religious education. As humans we cannot control the realm of technological development, but the role of religion can be a pillar for us not to be carried away by the development of technology so that if in religious education technology is used to support learning we as humans can still sort it out rationally.


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Naila Aqilah Gustamal, Ramiza Rifqa Adystira, Delliya Salsabila Putri, Shafira DA. Urgensi Unsur Agama Dalam Perkembangan Kecerdasan Buatan. MODERASI [Internet]. 2023 Dec. 16 [cited 2024 Jul. 25];1(01). Available from: http://journal.forikami.com/index.php/moderasi/article/view/470


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