Virtue of Justice Thomas Aquinas

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Dede Siti Patimah
Ester Tania Marbun
Zeta Oktiva Rahman
Mohammad Alvi Pratama


: This research aims to understand and analyze Thomas Aquinas' thoughts which are still relevant in today's context, especially in the fields of justice, ethics, rights and morals. Despite living in the 13th century, Aquinas' concepts still had a significant impact on the understanding of fundamental values in society. The research method used is descriptive analysis with a historical philosophy approach. The research stage involves collecting secondary data from related sources. Aquinas' thought, especially in the context of the Virtue of Justice, successfully integrated Classical Greek philosophy and Christian theology, emphasizing the importance of justice as the primary moral virtue. This concept is still relevant in facing modern social and economic challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Justice, according to Aquinas, must be the basis for formulating public policies and daily social interactions to create a just, harmonious and prosperous environment. This research uses qualitative juridical analysis methods to explore it, emphasizing interpretation and understanding of the legal context involved. The results show that Aquinas' concepts are not only historically relevant, but also provide moral guidance for human actions in creating a better society, both in the past, present and future.


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Patimah, D. S., Ester Tania Marbun, Zeta Oktiva Rahman, & Pratama, M. A. (2024). Virtue of Justice Thomas Aquinas. Praxis: Jurnal Filsafat Terapan, 1(02). Retrieved from


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