Systematic Literature Review : Pancasila sebagai Etika

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ABSTRACT: Pancasila and ethics are two things that cannot be separated because they both teach values that contain goodness. Pancasila ethics is an ethic that bases judgments of good and bad on Pancasila values, namely divine values, human values, unity values, people's values and justice values. An action is said to be good not only if it does not conflict with the values of Pancasila, but also if it elevates existing values into something that is more beneficial to others. Referring to the values contained in Pancasila, Pancasila can become a very strong ethical system, the existing values are not only fundamental, but also realistic and applicable. Pancasila values are ideal values that already exist in the ideals of the Indonesian nation which must be realized in the reality of life. If Pancasila values are truly understood, internalized and practiced, they will certainly be able to reduce the level of crime and violations in the life of society, nation and state. This research method uses a literature system by reading and searching for information from books, journals and other literary study sources that are relevant to the subject matter to be discussed
KEYWORDS: Pancasila, system, Ethics


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