Teknologi Bayi Tabung Dari Perspektif Agama

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Belvana Sarah
Talytha Azaria
Arfa Fadillah
Ignatius Adimas
M. Izza Luthfi


IVF technology has been the subject of complex and controversial discussions from the perspective of world religions. Even though it is a solution for couples who have difficulty conceiving children, religious opinions regarding its use vary greatly. Infertility as the main trigger, both in men and women, has triggered the exploration of modern technology such as IVF Technology. In an era where natural pregnancy is hampered, IVF technology has become a controversial solution. Infertility, not only a problem for women but also men, triggers exploration of alternative reproductive solutions. In the perspective of major religions, approaches to IVF vary. Infertility, caused by various factors in the reproductive system, is the main factor driving research and innovation such as IVF Technology. This method allows couples who have difficulty conceiving children to overcome these obstacles. In Islam, some schools allow IVF from the sperm and ovum cells of a legitimate partner, while other opinions oppose the use of sperm or ovum from a third party. The Catholic religion rejects IVF, considering it to violate the nature of marriage and the natural process of human creation. The Protestant Christian perspective provides space for IVF on the condition that only legal partners are involved, while the Hindu perspective emphasizes the sacredness and human dignity of the birth


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Sarah B, Talytha Azaria, Arfa Fadillah, Ignatius Adimas, M. Izza Luthfi. Teknologi Bayi Tabung Dari Perspektif Agama. MODERASI [Internet]. 2023 Dec. 22 [cited 2024 Jul. 19];1(01). Available from: http://journal.forikami.com/index.php/moderasi/article/view/472


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